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Helping You Express Yourself More Effectively

When you have something to say in print, the fine points of how you say it are vitally important. You get only one chance to make a good first impression, so your first effort needs to be the best it can be. For that reason, your best investment can be the use of a professional writer and editor to help you express yourself more effectively. Professional help allows you to avoid the common mistakes that everyone makes.

For example:

  • A short story or a novel with technical errors, misspelled words, poor grammar or gaps in the story line will have difficulty finding a publisher.

  • Clumsy or convoluted sentence structure tends to confuse rather than inform or entertain.

  • Training programs that fail to engage and involve the participant will produce a poor return on your training dollar.

  • Educational materials written in a stiff, formal style may be ineffective when participants fail to maintain interest.

  • Advertising materials written for ego gratification rather than results will be a waste of money.

  • A self-help book that doesn't present key points clearly will fail to serve the reader.

  • Most hit songs are the result of the efforts of more than one person. Get the idea?

From a handful of hints to a major revision of your work, professional editing makes the difference between winning and losing in the most competitive marketplace the world has ever seen. Make your first impression the best it can be. Call Emmet Robinson.



Per hour, one-hour minimum - $40
Or: Flat rate per project. Call for a free estimate.


General Writing/Editing

First hour paid in advance; balance on completion.
Cash or check only.
All work subject to a 6% PA sales tax.


$250.00 deposit, with each chapter billed on completion.

About Emmet Robinson

Since 1973 Emmet Robinson has been helping clients create effective advertisements, articles, marketing materials, training programs, short stories and books. He can help you!

His own original work includes a host of published articles, a national newsletter, a seminar series, three books and a growing number of short stories.

Client Comments

"This is great! Wow! It's like you added magic to the words!"

"What a charming and informative email (newsletter) to read!"

"It has been such a privilege working with you on this project. I'm going to miss it when it is all done."

"What a terrific book! I love your sense of humor, and the way your stories make everything so clear. The one about the cheese sandwich made me laugh outloud!."

"This is one of the most down-to-earth, comon sense, best advice books ever written."

"The concepts in this book will help any business owner make customer satisfaction a high priority. Any company should see increased profits by following the ideas outlined in How to Prosper in Business Regardless of the Economy."

"Filled with solid advice to help every business person serve his or her customers better. I've already gotten several new ideas - and that's only my first trip through the book. I expect to find a few more every time I re-read it."

"Another home run for Emmet Robinson - his experience shows through in every chapter. A believable 'How To' book from cover to cover."

"It's simple, honest, detailed and interesting - and has a sense of humor throughout (always a necessity!). Of course it's great that you include so many specific examples of local businesses because I can just picture them!"

"I found the book to be informative with a sense of humor. Many real-life lessons people can relate to. Having a successful business is a serious goal for many people. I left this reading feeling informed, refreshed and with a "do it" attitude, encouraged for the future."

"I have been reading your book and it is wonderful. I read a book about once every ten years because it takes too long. However, your book is so straightforward with simple terminology that I am moving through it quite quickly."

"I wish you thousands of replies. It (Little Boy Found) is done so beautifully."

"I just finished Little Boy Found and really enjoyed it. For me, it was a page-turner. I resisted the temptation to read the Main Point chapters first. I started at the beginning and read straight through because I wanted the entire story. Also, that way I could see how your time at the Main Point fit into your life."

"Exceptionally well done! A solid sense of time and place. Great vignettes and accompanying life lessons - all linked to personal growth based on honesty and self-reflection. Thank you for having the courage to share your remakable journey - a life well lived. I'm proud to know you."

"Just want to let you know how much I'm enjoying your book."

"Highly readable, love the Lesson Learned device. Can't wait to get back to it when I don't have such pressing matters looming. Great, great job. Congratulations."

"Your book was delightful and entertaining. I enjoyed it very much."

"I enjoyed it a lot! How can you remember so many details from so long ago?"

"I read the second half in one sitting. I love it! I love the way you did it. Unique.'My diagnosis - you have too many talents!'"

"Great read! Just completed the first fifty pages of Little Boy."

"I read your Getting on Top. It is absolutely brilliant. And absolutely correct. Made me remember the song, Money Makes the World Go Round. You analyzed it perfectly - money and power, the two driving forces."

"Major, sweeping, provocative and wonderfully done. Congratulations - it's monumental, moving, informative and thought provoking. I love the cure - self-awareness!."

"A very thoughtful and thought-provoking piece."

"Delightful - I really liked it!"

"You are a philosopher! Of all the short stories I ever read, this is the best. We are so serious about life, and life plays with us. Write more, you have such talent."

"This story was like the best delicacy - a love story without equal. More-more-more!"

"It was good!"

"In truth, a modern "Renaissance Man!"

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