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Emmet  Robinson’s Senior Serenades

A professional entertainer for more than fifty years, Emmet plays the Great American Songbook from 1925 to 1955 – presented as a one-man show.

  • His mellow baritone voice and accomplished guitar work are easy on the ear.
  • Fresh arrangements make old songs seem new.
  • Warm humor wins smiles and laughter.
  • Interactive presentation style keeps audiences engaged.

Emmet has entertained more than 3000 club, concert and TV audiences from coast to coast.

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“He is by far the most gifted performer we’ve had in my tenure”
(Comment by Activity Coordinator)

“He was sooooooo wonderful!
I can’t remember when I’ve enjoyed someone so much.”
(Comment by Director of Activities)

“You really have a gift - thank you!”

“The residents loved Emmet’s performance!”
(Comment by Director of Activities)

“Listening to you is pure fun. I would come back to your show anytime. I have seen you twice, and thinking of your performance always brings a smile to my face.”

“ You were great – thank you!
(Comment by Director of Activities)

“You were great – you made my day!”

“You bring a gift that no one else does!”
(Comment by Activities Coordinator)

“I was feeling depressed when I came in – but I’m not now!”

“I loved your show – you’re different!”

“That was so much fun…you sounded great! We were transported back to the good ole days!”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoy your shows!”

“You’re the best, Emmet, and you bring so much light to your work – performing – you just open up your heart and the love flows.”

“The residents really enjoyed his show, as well as the family members that were present.” (Comment by Activities Coordinator)

“Your humor is really funny!”

“I love you”

“I want you back here every week!”

“You’re wonderful! Can you stay for another hour?”

“Thank you so much for coming here and sharing your talent. We had a wonderful time.”

“When you play guitar and sing, there is never any fluff, no unnecessary sounds or showmanship, just pure artistry. Your voice is strong and resonant, your guitar struck with just the right touch, and your sense of timing is always perfect…and it all comes together to make a pleasing and lasting impact.”

“You’re the best entertainer I’ve ever heard!”

“How do we get you back here again?”

“That was fun – you’re really good! How do you remember the words to all those songs?”

“I expected a good voice and professional rendition. What I didn’t expect was a voice with so much depth and warmth and feeling. You are a true artist!”

“You make those wonderful old songs seem fresh and new – thank you!”

“You always do a thorough and thoughtful job of arranging your programs, and this time was no exception. And of course, combined with your rich voice and accomplished guitar playing, it makes for a delightful evening of good music and fun. Whenever I hear you, I’m always left with the feeling that it was not enough…it should have been longer.”

“You have a wonderful voice – I enjoyed the show!”

“It [the show] was indeed terrific! I loved every minute of it. I just don’t know how you do it…you go along with not just songs, but stories and jokes, and you never miss a beat. Thanks for a wonderful evening!”


“Wow! What a beautiful bass voice!”

“I sure enjoyed your style and music selections!”
“I love the way you do those old songs – please come back again soon!”

“Where did you learn to whistle like that? It’s wonderful!”

“Wow! I was sleepy when I walked in – but I’m not now!”

“Oh, you sang all of my favorite songs! Thank you!”

“It was a wonderful evening – thank you”

“Thank you for making our party a success! Everyone enjoyed the music, and it was nice to add a ‘special touch’ to the festivities.”


Length of show: Approximately 60 minutes

Rates: from $125 to $500


Elinor Donahue 610-964-8627

Direct Line: 610-647-4341



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